Remote Learning at Perranporth School

Remote learning will be available for when individual children are in isolation due to members of their family being tested and awaiting results, when whole bubbles are in isolation due to their being a positive case, or if instructed by Public Health England, the whole school to be closed.

None of these situations are ideal, as the best place for children to have access to the National Curriculum is in school, with the required resources, with adults who have chosen their career and have had the necessary training! Although children learn many things at home, no one is expecting parents/carers to take on the teaching role as it would be done in the classroom, especially when juggling their own family circumstances which may or may not, be conducive to supporting children with the National Curriculum. Any support which therefore can be given, is valued and appreciated.

No family must feel any pressure during these periods away from school as all family circumstances differ tremendously; however, we have a responsibility to provide learning opportunities for the children. All we ask, in order for us to work together, is to have open conversations about support and their learning. We would hope that in any of these situations, learning at home would not be for more than 2 weeks – 10 school days.

We are also aware that if multiple bubbles are not able to come into school, or if a family are isolating, access to technology is limited. If parents have signed up to our i-Pad loan agreement, children will be able to borrow a school i-Pad for the duration of their isolation. .

Please view our Remote Learning Procedures here: Perranporth School Remote Learning Protocols Jan 2021 for further information, please click here: Remote Learning Information 2021


If your child is off school, because they are ill…
Your child is ill and must rest and recover from their illness.
If your child is off school, because they are in isolation due to a member of the household being tested for Covid-19, awaiting results…If your child is off school because they are being tested for Covid-19, but is well enough to complete some learning…
Please notify the School Office of your circumstances and feel free to Dojo message your child’s teacher.

Class teachers will send out daily learning for your child through the Class Dojo platform.  Children in KS1 will have 3 hours of learning a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children and children in KS2 will have 4 hours per day.

There are also options of activities which your child can get involved in too. Your child has access to these resources:

If your child is off school due to the bubble being sent home…
Teachers of all classes will send home appropriate home learning through the Class Dojo platform. This will be sent out before 9am each day.

Teachers will give clear instructions for the completion of the learning and what they expect in terms of submission. Children in KS1 will have 3 hours of learning a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children and children in KS2 will have 4 hours per day.


Online learning

As well as the daily learning, your child also has access to these all resources

If your class teacher has not had contact with the child for 2 consecutive days, they will message parents via Dojo or give you a ring to check you are OK and you are able to access anything you need to.
If you would like the school to print out any sheets required for the day’s learning, please email the office and we will print out anything which can then be collected.
In preparation for this eventuality, please ensure that:

  • The school office has your email address
  • Your child has all passwords for the Dojo and Purple Mash
If your child’s teacher is off work due to being ill, another teacher will take the lead in the delivery of the learning.
If your child has additional needs and you would like to speak to Mrs Lampier during this period, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01872 572021 or
Perranporth Remote Learning Policy Jan 2021

Perranporth School Remote Learning Protocols Jan 2021