Computing @ Perranporth

New technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in Perranporth-121004-0220today’s society, both within schools and in their lives outside school. The Internet and other digital information and communications technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. We use these technologies to fuel discussion, promote creativity and stimulate effective learning.  

Here at Perranporth children are given the opportunities to use a range of digital equipment from Early years through to year 6. Children have access to programmable toys, IPads, laptops, Microbits and Raspberry Pi equipment.

 A Challenging Computing Curriculum

Computing forms part of our topic based curriculum. We believe that Computing and E-safety is so vital to our next generation, that within each year group children will also cover 3 Programming topics and three E-safety topics per year.

We strive to inspire competent technical learners who can be investigative, be creative, be safe and solve those problems that some of us oldies dream of!

View our Computing curriculum maps here –  Computing Curriculum Maps All Years

Children are taught about the rights and responsibilities of living in an online world. They are encouraged to develop an understanding of the longevity of online profiles and the importance of showing respect when communicating with others online.

We run a weekly code club with help from a Code Club volunteer Mr Wiltshire. In this club children learn to write, develop  and develop code for use in a range of programs and hardware. In September 2016 we received our first BBC Microbits and we are busy writing the code to produce our own games and messages. We continue to develop our understanding or Raspberry Pi and now have 3 Raspberry Pi stations up and running. See our Code Club page HERE. 

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Safety First

We always take part in the Safer Internet Days . Click the banner to find a wealth of advice and support on keeping children safe online. Safer Internet Day 2019 will take place on Tuesday 5th February.


If you would like more information about E-safety please use the links below .

Four steps:

  1. Have ongoing conversations with your children about staying safe online
  2. Use safety tools on social networks and other online services, eg Facebook privacy settings
  3. Decide how you want to use parental controls on your home internet
  4. Understand devices and the parental control tools they offer in our Parents’ Guide to Technology

If you have ANY concerns about your child’s online safety at home or at school, or if you would just like some friendly advice, please do pop in or give us a call. We are always happy to help. 

Copies of our Acceptable Use Policies can be found below. 

Pupil code of conduct KS1 2017

Pupil Code of Conduct KS2 2017

Perranporth CP School Parent Carer Acceptable Use Policy

Perranporth CP School Photo and Video Agreement form Parents

Perranporth CP School Staff and Vol Acceptable Use Policy

Perranporth-Online-Safety-Policy-Reviewed-June-17 (1)


Digital Leaders @ Perranporth School

We have a dedicated team of pupils spread over the year groups at Perranporth who are committed to supporting and developing our Computing skills in the classroom.

Digital Leaders will have the following responsibilities:


  • Maintain their own blog – sharing good teaching and learning.
  • Editing/adding to some areas of the website – celebrations and home learning
  • Write blog posts for your class and comment on other blogs across the school
  • Helping staff to upload pictures/videos to their class blogs

ICT Clubs

  • Those who attend code club  can share ideas for next steps and lead some sessions.


  • At times digital support teachers across the school when they teach ICT and use new hardware or software
  • Organise ICT competitions e.g. Coding games and Esafety awareness.
  • Be a point of contact for minor Esafety concerns in the classroom and a voice for friends, log these concerns and report them to Miss Roberson or Mrs Kelly.
  • Keep a detailed log of any technical issues in classrooms and record these in the ICT log for Miss Roberson/Mr Pascoe.
  • Attend events at other schools to share ICT learning
  • Attend after-school training for staff and parents
  • Trial new software as required

Miss Roberson will:

  • Make sure that digital leaders have enough training and accounts with a suitable level of responsibility to manage the tasks above
  • Be available to meet with digital leaders Wednesday lunchtimes between 12 and 12:30
  • Provide you with software to trial so that you can use it as part of the ICT club