LEAP into Learning at Perranporth

At Perranporth School we would like all of our children to LEAP!

LEAP is our learning ethos and the way that we show our best learning behaviours and attitudes. Watch our LEAP video to find out more:

What does LEAP stand for?

  • LLearning. At Perranporth School we’re always learning! We therefore think it’s important to show that we’re ready to learn, give adults our full attention and demonstrate our positive learning behaviours.
  • EEngaged. To be effective learners we need to be engaged and focused on what we’re learning. This means we must manage our distractions, help ourselves to concentrate and give ourselves every chance of success.
  • A Aspiring. When we aspire, we aim to do our best and achieve everything we’re capable of. At Perranporth we want to aim high and have big aspirations for ourselves and our futures. This means that every day we are ‘trying to be the best that we can be’.
  • PPride. At Perranporth we are proud of who we are and what we achieve. We feel it is very important to have pride in our learning, our efforts and our school. All our children have a lot to be proud of. It is therefore essential that we show pride in all that we do.