More Able

More Able Children at Perranporth School

Our school works to recognise and realise the potential of every child in our community.  Provision for ‘more able’ children fits squarely within this mission.  Meeting the needs of more able children is a part of ensuring the entitlement of all children to an appropriate education. Perranporth Primary School is part of the Newquay schools cluster group for more able pupils, which incorporates other local primary schools, and both secondary schools within Newquay and the surrounding areas. It aims to work collectively to provide a challenging learning environment for our more able pupils, including specialist extension and enrichment opportunities.

How we support our More Able Pupils

Strategies within the classroom.

• Varied and flexible grouping within a year group

• Withdrawal of able children for higher level work within small groups

• Upward differentiation/extension in schemes of work especially within mastery maths.

• Teaching thinking and critical skills and attitudes in a subject context e.g. Problem solving, reasoning, decision making, creativity, interpersonal skills through our building learning power approach (BLP) and within our rights to respect in school approach (RRSA).

• Asking higher order questions which encourage investigation and enquiry

• Setting clear, concise and challenging targets

• Enabling children to be involved in assessment for learning to evaluate their own work and continually developing pupil voice within our school.

Strategies within the wider school environment

We provide a variety of enrichment opportunities, which include:

  • A wide range of extra-curricular activities and challenges
  • Opportunities for artistic, musical, dramatic and sporting development
  • Enrichment opportunities within and beyond the core subjects
  • Visits, experts, master-classes
  • Competitions
  • Appropriate pastoral care and counselling
  • BLP ambassadors