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Science is all around us in everyday life and is, therefore, used to excite pupils’ curiosity about the phenomena and events that occur in the world around them.  Science teaching at Perranporth also focuses on Working Scientifically using five key investigation types (see images below).  This focal point of science has been developed to increase children’s ability to make predictions about scientific concepts and evaluate and amend them through analysing and interpreting data collected independently, with adult modelling as a guide.  This enables our pupils to question and discuss science-based issues that may affect their own lives and the future of the world too!  Our curriculum is designed so that children can use science learning to ‘make sense of the world we live in.’


Science is taught in combination with our Perranporth inspired curriculum projects, to ensure every child has access to the statutory requirements of the national curriculum.  Where possible, Science is taught within and as part of our chosen projects, but if this is not feasible, teachers plan stand alone science lessons to ensure coverage of the expected objectives across the school.  Science is taught weekly in each class with clear references made to the class topic when possible.  The weekly sessions ensure the statutory coverage of science knowledge and skills for children across both key stages.  In the Spring term, to coincide with Perranporth’s Science Week, all classes complete Science inspired learning through science specific topics. 

To further embed science learning for each child, each class participates in a whole school ‘Working Scientifically’ (WS), activity session at least once a term, to identify and assess children and moderate WS across key stages and the school as a whole.  These activities are planned on a yearly timetable and address the three key areas of WS; planning, doing and reviewing/concluding.  Evidence of these sessions can be found in the WS floor books in each Key Stage.

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Focusing on a range of investigation types allows  Perranporth children to develop excellent problem solving skills.  These will be regularly referenced and supported through our termly, whole school WS investigation days and will also support our maths mastery teaching.  Perranporth pupils will be knowledge rich and have an increasing ability to explain scientific concepts due to our core focus of scientific vocabulary and use of images to support their understanding.  Furthermore, we believe our pupils will enjoy science learning and finding out about the world in which we live, ensuring they see science as not only an engaging lesson, but also as a potential future career.

Science Vocabulary

Perranporth School recognises that the science curriculum is vocabulary rich and planned exposure to and use of this vocabulary impacts upon a child’s scientific understanding and enjoyment.  As a result, each class’s science topics have a specified selection of scientific vocabulary celebrated and displayed clearly with supportive symbols or images.  Examples can be seen around school and are also shown below; these are also used as an assessment tool at the end of a unit of learning…

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