At Perranporth school our aim for Physical Education is that all children have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

We believe that a high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their mental and physical health and fitness. Real PE is used in Key Stage and year three, to ensure children achieve Physical Literacy by year four. In years four, five and six we use the Arena lesson planning, to use Physical Literacy in sporting situations.

We aim to use opportunities to compete in sport and other activities, against ourselves and others, and to build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.


The curriculum in Key Stage 1 and year three has therefore been divided into seven key areas, these are used to ensure we create well rounded healthy individuals with a high level of Physical Literacy. This is taught using the Real PE online planning system and with the support of external professionals using the Arena scheme of learning. More detail can be found through our Curriculum maps. We implement the following areas in order to achieve the desired outcomes:


The first strand of our PE Curriculum focuses on the individual taking responsibility for their own learning, and ultimately their own health and wellbeing. Starting with being able to stay on task with support, building to taking control of our challenge and performance and constantly aiming to improve. Our PE lessons are structured to support this. We focus on this element during Autumn Term 1.


The second strand focuses on a child’s ability to support and lead others. We aim to create individuals who are able to involve and motivate those around them to perform better. Being able to get the best from those around them allows children to move on to a higher level themselves. To further support this element all children in Year 5 and 6 receive leadership training. These individuals then lead sporting activities for younger children. We focus on this element during Autumn Term 2.

Applying Physical:

This element of our curriculum focuses on being able to effectively transfer skills across a range of sports. The children need to be able to perform a variety of skills consistently and effectively in challenging or competitive situations. The main focus for this is that the children can do it with consistency. We focus on this element during Spring Term 1.  


We aim to support the children to be able to review, analyse and evaluate their own performance and that of others. This can then be used in game situations to allow them to react and read them as the develop. Starting in Key Stage One the children are taught to follow instructions, then to observe, describe, recognise and order instructions. We focus on this element during Spring Term 2.


We encourage all children to show creativity and feel that sport is a great way to be able to do so. The aim of this is to have individuals who are able to effectively disguise what they are about to do next and use variety to engage an audience. A large part of sport is performance, the children need to develop the ability to first observe and copy and compare and develop. We focus on this element during Summer Term 1.

Health and Fitness

Another element we have built our curriculum around is health and fitness, this is central to our curriculum and is covered in all areas. However, we teach it to specifically show the children how to plan their own fitness and prepare activities for themselves. It starts by discussing the changes our body goes through during exercise, before teaching the children how long they need to exercise for and planning their own fitness. This is taught during Sumer Term 2.  

For greater detail on areas see Progression of skills document.

In years four, five and six we focus on the games element of PE and using the skills we have learnt in a real sporting situation. We do this through the use of Arena scheme of work. The children learn the skills required to take part in a number of sports, the full range of which can be seen in our Curriculum Map. We start with the basic elements of the sport and build up to the final week, which is always performance week.


The impact of our PE curriculum is that we create not just well rounded athletes, but well-rounded individuals with a healthy body and a healthy mind. At Perranporth school the children are able to explain why they exercise, how important it is to their health and well being, how to plan and improve their own exercise.

 In order to monitor the progress in all these areas the children are assessed using the Create Assessment Wheel on a termly basis. From these assessments adaptations can be made to planning and interventions. The wheel is used to assess children across a range of sporting elements. As well as this progress is monitored through pupil discussions, monitoring and reflection.