Assessment and Memory at Perranporth

 Every process at Perranporth is designed to be purposeful and, if possible, multi-functional. This is to maximise links between disparate areas, increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary workload and create maximum impact of any effort made. Our assessment processes are created to maximise any overlap that exists with our approaches to embedding learning; they are intertwined to support children to learn more, do more and remember more. We create regular opportunities to avoid learning being lost according to the pattern highlighted in the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve and use assessment as one of the many processes aimed at promoting recall and retrieval. The diagram below captures how our approach to assessment, recapping, recall and retrieval both helps to highlight what children have learned but is also designed in such a way that the processes it contains also contribute to improving that retrieval. In short, how we assess what our children have remembered also helps them to remember.