Year Group Governor Email 
EYFS Jo Poulton
Year 1 Chris Ballinger
Year 2 Ann Cuff
Year 3 Silvia Lowe
Year 4 Amy Whiting
Year 5 Jan Williams
Year 6 Helen Goodey


Governor Area of Responsibility 
Silvia Lowe 
(Chair of Governors)
Whistleblowing, Behaviour, General Curriculum (Whole school), PE & Creative Arts, Computing  
Helen Goodey SEND/PP/Safeguarding (incl. Child Protection), Online Safety, Complaints, Absence 
Jan Williams Maths, Complaints 
Ann Cuff Literacy 
Chris Ballinger Attainment and Standards
Jo Poulton Early Years & Early Reading & Phonics (RWI) 
Amy Whiting Curriculum Development 

Governor Attendance