School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan enables our vision and direction to be shared and understood by the whole school community. Our aim is to work and learn collaboratively as a community in order to continuously improve and to be the best that we can be. The School Development Plan should give everyone an understanding of where the school is going and what actions will be taken to ensure we get there. We set clear starting times for implementation and determine how to effectively use both human and material resources to support our specific goals and outcomes. It also helps us plan and prioritise our budget and guides how we plan and organise staff training. The School Development Plan is designed to give a sharp, clear and time-related focus to those aspects of our provision which we believe are most in need of improvement and/or enhancement.

Everyone has the chance to contribute ideas as to how our school can improve through formal (e.g. surveys, forums, feedback from CPD)  & informal means (e.g. weekly meetings, daily interaction). Staff and Governors meet regularly to review how successful our improvements have been and to agree priorities for the coming year. We ask parents, staff and children to share their ideas through questionnaires and the school council. We want everyone to support us and help us improve and this can only happen if we are all involved.

Once we have agreed the key priorities, the Senior Leadership Team breaks down our programme of actions by formulating the School Development Plan. This is then shared with everyone. Subject leaders then create their individual subject action plans with more detailed and specific actions for their curriculum areas.

We wish to achieve each target as fully as possible; therefore they will drive our training, resources, teaching and learning, monitoring, evaluation and review over the next year.

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