Our Curriculum IMG_0993[1]

At Perranporth we follow the our own Perranporth Real Projects Curriculum, working in a creative cross-curricular way. A balance across the Programmes of Study is achieved through this spiral curriculum that revisits all aspects of Science. A strong investigative and experimental focus is used to develop scientific ways of working, whilst offering tasks that develop further knowledge.

Our Ethos

IMG_0847[1]We plan investigative work that is based on children’s experiences and provides children with the ability to use a structure of increasing complexity for recording, testing and evaluating.  (SCIONS).

Our curriculum provides Computing links with Science by using computers for scientific presentation and data handling, through the use of sensors for direct recording and by using a growing resource bank of ICT equipment.

IMG_1822[1]We ensure scientific activities focus upon real things and events which begin within the children’s experience and lead them to explore the wider world, including our immediate school grounds.

It is important to us that we develop a broadening knowledge and familiarity with scientific vocabulary throughout the key stages and that we regularly assess children’s attainment in Science in order to inform future planning, set new goals and report pupil progress to parents.

Part of our science focus if to offer pupils opportunities to make links IMG_0990[1]with the world around them, their environment and recognise the cultural and historical significance of science to their lives.

Experiences are provided that intellectually challenge and stimulate children into highly motivated, tenacious and logical investigators as well as helping them understand the place of science in our modern society.

Our Science Policy

You can read our full Science Policy by clicking this link – Science Policy 2017-2018