By the time children reach Year 1 at Perranporth School they should haveIMG_1120 established a regular reading routine. We develop this routine further by encouraging the children to become more independent. Children continue to move through the colour-banded scheme and can change their books when necessary. Reading is recorded in reading records produced by Jelly James. The records also contain activities for the children to complete along with key word lists to practise. We also have a whole school reading reward system to encourage children to participate in regular home reading. 

A love of reading is one of the most powerful gifts that a child can develop. All children at Perranporth are encouraged to read daily at home and to record this in their reading diary. To reward children for their wonderful reading, we launched our ‘Reading Rewards’ system. To participate, all children need to do is simply read regularly and record each significant read with parents signing and dating after each home reading session. Each significant number of reads then results in a special badge that children earn the more they read! We will also have class charts to record the collective reading of each class. 

 The reward system works as follows:10 reads= White Badge, 30 reads= Red Badge, 50 reads= Orange Badge, 100 reads= Yellow Badge, 150 reads= Green Badge, 200 reads= Blue Badge, 250 reads= Purple Badge.

That’s all the badges for now, but maybe we’ll need Bronze, Silver and Gold badges? We’ll have to see much reading you do!  So, find a quiet moment at home each day, pick up a good book and get reading!



Daily phonics sessions introduce more complex sounds. Phonics is taught through a mixed approach including the use of Letters and Sounds which is supported by Giant Phonics and Jolly Phonics resources. We ensure children apply phonic knowledge and skills as their first approach to reading and spelling even if a word is not completely phonically regular. Tricky high frequency words and spellings are also taught.

Click here to see our parent’s guide video on how we teach phonics at Perranporth School.

CLICK HERE to see detailed information about how we teach our phonics and how you can support phonics at home.  

Click here to see our letter of congratulations from the Minister of School Reform Nick Gibb MP for such fantastic phonics standards! Phonics Letter

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Children also enjoy a daily Book Club session. They work in ability groups on reading related activities improving their comprehension skills. Over the year they will explore a range of genre and develop confidence in using a range of reading strategies.

Reading within the literacy lesson and in all areas of the curriculum, is recognized as very important. Children also have regular individual reading sessions.


If a child is not making expected progress then they may also receive small group or individual intervention sessions. These sessions are planned to meet the needs of the child and progress is regularly monitored. Reading is regularly assessed and you will be notified of your child’s level at each Parents Evening and in the School Report. Formal testing takes place for phonics at the end of Year 1 and reading at the end of Year 2.

Perranporth-121004-0736It is expected that all children will be fluent readers by the end of Year 2, having secured word recognition skills and that they will have become independent readers with a love of books.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about the 2014 National Curriculum in England for literacy, please use this link.  National curriculum in England: English programmes of study